Markham's new economic development plan crystallizes.

Simcoe County
On a wave of growth Simcoe County launches a new corporate brand and tourism strategy.

Tourism Simcoe County hosted dignitaries, including Minister Donna Cansfield (above) and tourism industry representatives at a reception at Horseshoe Resort on October 13, 2009 to announce the launch of Tourism Simcoe County, formerly called the Huronia Tourism Association and to showcase seven experiences that represent the new brand.

Mid-way between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie at the north channel of Lake Huron, the Town of Blind River is a community of approximately 4,000 where the outdoors offer a preferred way of life. Blind River is emerging as a recreation hub and retirement community for a increasing number of individuals.

Kenneth Caplan and Associates collaborated with The Randolph Group in the development of an economic development plan and brand program to stimulate the local economy and provide visibility for increased tourism and business attraction.

A stylized compass formed the central element of Blind River’s distinctive wordmark. The bilingual slogan provided the Town’s positioning... “Heart of the North Channel”. The logo has since been retired.